We are striving to source chocolate directly from makers that manufacture a final product of the highest quality at the origin. This way we want to maintain the majority of the resources and labor in the places that are most needed helping put an end on multi-century long exploitation of small farmers. We see the farmers and makers as true partners and want to ensure those that do the hard work of growing, harvesting, and processing cacao are equally compensated. We believe that this direct partnership will improve living conditions, assuring that these currently impoverished communities thrive in all aspects of human development and environmental sustainability. We believe the time is right to raise awareness of the injustice that occurs when sourcing raw materials (i.e. cacao) from developing nations and how consumers can help this problem that eventually affects us all as when these farmers need to leave their origins to pursue happiness in other places (cities, countries, regions).


Our goal is to start a movement to change the way we buy our final products to a model where there is a fair distribution of the added value by keeping manufacturing at origin. This way we can truly improve the impact that our purchases have on the places that produce these superfoods. This is an effort to replenish social and environmental resources to start the true regeneration of our planet.

First, we will work with chocolate manufacturers that are sourcing their cacao directly from/or are the producers and are paying a just price, having an impact in the producers’ communities. Initially, we will source our chocolate from selected countries that represent the center of origin/biodiversity of cacao (Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, and Brazil) that are using specialty and other unique heirloom varieties such as the aromatic  fine cacao Nacional. At each of these countries will form alliances with producers’ associations that are progressive and want their communities to thrive. The impact that this has is threefold and aligns with our core values which are to be Agroecological (which supports preservation and regeneration of ecosystems), Socially Responsible (ethical production, allowing all value chain participants to be compensated directly in a truly fair manner), and Holistic (striving for quality nutritious ingredients coming from healthy soils which results in healthy plants, animals, humans, and our planet).  Keeping manufacturing at origin also reduces waste (from 20 to 30% of residues are discarded after they arrive at places of manufacturing outside origin) and transportation carbon footprint and costs. Moreover, selecting and influencing bean quality (flavor, aroma, microbiology, heavy metal content) through improved and customized practices (fermentation, drying) can be directly improved when this occurs at origin. In the future, we see that production at origin will represent the main manufacturing trend with all these amazing advantages.    

The second stage of our movement is to manufacture our own chocolate. Important to notice is that chocolate is the best example of the melting of our worlds (developing and industrial) mingling together to obtain a pleasure we all enjoy providing indulgence and health benefits deserving of gods. Initially we will partner with cacao producers at origin and have a profit sharing model where a significant portion of our net profit will be shared with producers, foundations (offsetting carbon footprint), and cultural influencers (i.e. musicians that represent ancestral heritage that are being lost coming from the same origins as our cacao).  Whereas, manufacturing will occur here in Traverse City Michigan with our head chocolate maker using beans from these amazing sources. This is essential to raise awareness and educate our clients of the complex process that represents making chocolate and the impact it has when choosing foods that represent their values.

Finally, we will go full circle and become one of these beautiful companies manufacturing at origin, regenerating environments, empowering communities and contributing to make our planet thrive holistically...


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