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"Reclaiming Cocoa" tells the story of a new generation of Ghanaians who no longer want to ship their most precious commodity to Europe, but reclaim the value of cacao by using it to create their own and innovative products...



El Cacao exposes the dark side of chocolate production in Latin America by examining the economics of Fair Trade from the point of view of the indigenous farmers as they attempt to sustain their community through the growth, harvest, and trade of cacao beans in the global market...



What Makes Chocolate Good (Cacao Origins and Spread)

Good taste is paramount, of course, but how does one measure “social goodness,” and what additional value does it add for the consumer? Chocolate makers’ interests often diverge from those of cacao producers, and industry stakeholders have not clearly addressed these concerns. Carla Martin examines the cacao-chocolate industry and highlights the often- conflicting goals that can create gaps in social and environmental responsibility.


Why Regenerative Agriculture (Featuring Patagonia)

Growing food and fiber with industrial techniques has devastated our climate. Conventional agriculture contributes up to 25% of the emissions driving the climate crisis. But there’s another way. Regenerative Organic methods can build healthy soil which helps draw carbon back in the ground.


Saving El Chocó biosphere (Featuring Mashpi Chocolate)

 The Chocó Andino biosphere reserve in Ecuador is threatened by the activities of mining concessions. It is an area of ​​enormous ecological balance, comprising 14,000 hectares of native forests, just a few kilometers from the capital. The communities resist with regenerative agriculture, sustainable enterprises and the call for a popular consultation. A feat to stop the advance of legal and illegal mining in the Quito Metropolitan Area.

Regenerative Agriculture with Mashpi Chocolate


Biodiversity using CACAO in Belize

Eladio's Self Sufficient OFF GRID ECO Cacao Farm and homestead in Belize promotes sustainable agriculture, using Indigenous Permaculture and Agroforestry principles promoting biodiversity. With over 50 years of organic management, converting a burned forest into a biologically diverse polyculture, filled with hundreds of cacao trees interspersed with native timber, many fruiting trees such as mangoes, soursops, sugar apples, jackfruit as well as spices and medicinal herbs.


Transforming Conflict into  Chocolate Joy (Featuring Cacao Hunters)

Carlos Ignacio Velasco Castrillon talks about transforming the cacao industry in Colombia for the benefit of poor smallholder farmers, which is also serving to provide coffee farmers an alternative crop since climate change is making the production of coffee beans far more challenging...


The Chocolate Road in Bolivia (Featuring El Ceibo Chocolates)

Travel through the Chocolate Road-to be. Meet the chocolate farmers of the El Ceibo cooperative, listen to them share their hopes and dreams, learn about the beginnings of a tourism destination, about our work - and of course all about chocolate.


BRAZIL'S CACAO SUPPLY CHAIN (Featuring Mission Chocolate)

How does chocolate can be used to improve sustainability and farmers' economic independence in Brazil...  



Dr. Kristy Leissle is a scholar of cocoa and chocolate, and co-founder of the Cocoapreneurship Institute of Ghana. Since 2004, her work has investigated the politics, economics, and cultures of these industries, focusing on West African political economy and agriculture, specialty cocoa trades, and the complex meanings produced and consumed through chocolate marketing and advertising.


THE CHOCOLATE LIFE: Chocolate made at Origin, Nick Davis 

Take a deep dive into cacao and chocolate made in Jamaica, learn about developments on the co-op front, and more.



We are in Peru with Humberto Samir Giha, co-owner of Cacaosuyo one of the best chocolate of the world. We talk about the cocoa beans and how it is important the cocoa for a chocolate crafter. Relationship, control and development with farmers is one of the secret for this amazing brand.