Private Tastings

Experience Chocolate

What better way to encourage group engagement than by setting off together on an adventure into the wild and luxurious world of chocolate? Ask yourself, do you know where chocolate comes from? Do you know where it grows, what it looks like raw, how it’s processed? Regardless of whether or not you can winnow and mélange with the best of them, Nativo-by-Thrivu (pronounced Tree-voo) offers you an exclusive look not only into the how beans are transformed into bars, but also the rich and varied history – and future – of chocolate. Learn the difference terroir makes, the tasting notes specific to different growing regions, the difference between white, milk, and dark chocolate, how to taste like an expert…and most importantly, learn more about what you and your group like! Are you a 50%? Or maybe 60% or 85%? Maybe you’re an inclusions person, or a 100% purist!

During our customized experience, you’ll also learn more about our mission, “Supporting thriving tribes, one chocolate at a time.” All of our chocolate is produced and processed at origin, helping ensure more of the profit stays where it can do the most good. Moreover, we're dedicated to regenerative agriculture. Cacao trees serve as a great understory crop, making them a key player in widespread regeneration and broad environmental impact.  

We have several options to choose from, you let us know what is right for you:
1) Virtual tastings   
One hour including:
  • History of chocolate
  • Meet our Chocolate Maker
  • Story of Thrivu
  • Types of chocolates
  • Learning to taste
  • Trivia and plenty of time for questions!
All tastings include shipped samples, tasting guide, and a bar of your selection from our inventory.
* Minimum 20 participants
2) In-person tastings:
Available at our Traverse City location. Special requests for tastings elsewhere may be considered depending on timing and location, contact us directly for more information. 
3) Customized Tastings:
Know you have some specific tastes in the group? Tasting "flights" can be customized to your group (e.g., pure cacao bars, extra-dark, dark, milk and inclusion bars chocolate).
4) Pairings:
Looking to take things a step farther? We offer chocolate pairings with wine, beer, coffee, bourbon, and sourdough. You tell us your choice, we follow your lead.
* Paired tastings are only offered in-person
* Costs vary depending on selected pairings
We look forward to guiding your group along this amazing adventure!
CONTACT US  to discuss your experience with our THRIVU experts