Our THRIVU loves chocolate, not only for the indulgence it provides, but because of the potential impact that it brings to the environment and society when carefully curated. Fortunately, we have tools available to help the environment thrive along with the communities that are the stewards of these “trees of the Gods.” One of our fundamental values is regeneration in all aspects including quality of our products, including packaging!

At THRIVU we are passionate about supporting the world we live in and ensuring that it stays beautiful, thriving and biodiverse for new generations to enjoy not only our chocolate, but all the biomes. That’s why we are continuously seeking for packaging with low or no carbon footprint. At checkout you also have the option to offset your carbon emissions by our partnership with EcoCart and their amazing projects. 

At the moment, we are offering packaging that is fully recyclable/recycled - And often it represents a carbon sink. All ink used is soy-based, the tissue paper is acid free and FSC certified, and our chocolate packages including the tasting guide, catalogs and information are all made from these sources as well!

We are part of the Eco-Packaging alliance and the Amazon Rainforest Protection Project to contribute to the vegetative growth of trees and the preservation of the Amazon basin; every time you order our chocolate, there is regeneration and carbon sequestration happening on our planet.

Join our movement @THRIVU on social media - eat our chocolate while enhancing our environment, our communities and our Holistic Health