5 Reasons to Choose Chocolate "Made at Origin"

5 Reasons to Choose Chocolate "Made at Origin"

Chocolate made at origin, which refers to chocolate that is produced in the same country where the cacao beans are grown, is the key for social and environmental regeneration of our planet. Here are some reasons why:

1. Economic development: Chocolate made at origin can provide economic opportunities for small-scale farmers, who are often paid very little for their cacao beans. By processing the cacao into chocolate locally, farmers can capture more of the value of their product, which can help to support their families and communities.

2. Environmental conservation: When cacao is processed into chocolate locally, it can reduce the need for long-distance transportation, which can result in lower carbon emissions and a smaller environmental footprint. Additionally, higher added value retained at origin reduces poverty driven degradation of ecosystems as sensitive as the Amazon basin...

3. Impact trade: Chocolate made at origin is a trade system, which can ensure that farmers are paid a truly fair price for their cacao beans and that they have access to resources and support to improve their livelihoods. Fair trade was a good first step, but after decades of implementing these system, the reality of small producers, unfortunately has not changed.

4. Cultural preservation: Chocolate made at origin can help to preserve local cultural traditions and knowledge related to cacao farming and chocolate-making. This can be particularly important for indigenous communities who have been growing and processing cacao for generations.

5. Chocolate Quality: When cacao is fermented locally, chocolate makers have greater control over the fermentation process, which can provide up to 50% of the flavors in chocolate. This is because they can monitor the temperature, moisture, and duration of fermentation more closely, and make adjustments as needed. Additionally, makers are able to experiment with different fermentation techniques to produce beans with unique and desirable flavor profiles...
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