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A Bit of a Reset



My grandmother gave up sugar when she was still pretty young and lived to be 98. My father gave up sugar later in life in an effort to be healthy for his grandchildren. It didn’t quite pan out for him like for his mother, but I suppose it was good for him. Me…I did January. I may have slightly overdone it in November and December. I get so much joy from pies and cookies and candies around the holidays that I don’t regret a single bite, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do with a little reset. For the record, I didn’t expect to get much past January. In fact, I had already hatched my re-entry plan before I started, and as you may have guessed…it involved chocolate. Step 1 – Cacao Hunter’s chocolate-covered nibs.

Have you tried nibs before? Crunchy little pieces of freshly roasted cacao beans, pure, no sugar, no additives at all. They kind of taste like dirt. I’m kidding, sort of. It’s fun to watch the expression on people’s faces when they’re used to sweeter chocolate and they try nibs for the first time. They start out curious and excited, and then as they bite down, you can see their mouths harden a bit into a telltale line as they slowly lose the battle with the nibs’ subtle bitterness. The corners of their mouths start to turn down without their consent. They try to keep their eyes neutral as their brows furrow just a touch. Their relief is almost palpable when you next offer them a taste of something with some sweetness.

However, over time, if you give nibs a chance you realize that it’s more of an earthy, nutty flavor that develops on your tongue as you crunch it, delivering as much complexity of flavor as it does general health benefits. Cacao is literally a superfood. More on that later, but for now, if you’re not already on the nib train, this chocolate-covered variation can help get you there. They are so good! Looking for that afternoon dose of theobromine to keep your energy up and mental faculties clear? These nibs covered with 65% dark chocolate make the perfect snack. You’ll also hear more about various inclusion bars with nibs in future posts (Mashpi, El Ceibo, and CacaoSuyo all have amazing bars). Before you know it, you’ll be tossing nibs willy-nilly into your smoothies or granola, or heck, just shooting them straight! 

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