It’s February…which means it’s been about 10 months since the last post. Ironically, the last post lamented the fact that snow continued to fall, and now here we sit…wishing for more! Life is funny like that sometimes; a little perspective goes a long way. Thrivu is now a little more than a year old…in fact, it seems like perhaps we should have had some sort of celebration because the first year of anything is nothing if not full of perspective and character-building. We learned that sales is hard! Marketing is hard! Managing a website and online store is time-consuming and hard! But we had some incredible experiences. Guga was able to meet some of our partners and see up close the amazing work they’re doing. We held numerous tastings, paired chocolate with wines and with cheeses, design our first custom molds, first ecologically sound packaging,  and watched so many family members, friends, and strangers who became friends experience the magic that is Thrivu chocolate. The researcher in Guga continues to peek out between tasks and to experiment with other delicious options. The first coffee beans were a success, the first cheese…maybe not so much (don’t tell him I said that). But honestly, there is nothing like learning about something, getting your hands dirty, and then seeing the end result. I can see the pride, and the joy, in Guga’s eyes, and I know that we’re only just getting started.

By now, you’re probably thinking…ok, where can I get in on this amazing adventure and try some of this chocolate?! Lucky for you, February is a great month for chocolate! Come see us, we’ll update with links and info as details are finalized!

Feb 10th: Chateau Chantal Winery

Feb 11th & 12th: Elev8 Gym

Feb 14th: Left Foot Charlie

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