What does THRIVU mean?

What does THRIVU mean?

Thrivu…? Join our Thrivu…? What does Thrivu mean…?

I am sure most of you are wondering or asking yourself about it, so here is the story!

When we started this amazing Chocolate from origin project two years ago, a lot of names came to our mind, believe me, a lot!!!  We were looking for something strong, unique, different, delicious. but even more, we were looking for something that represented us and connected us to people and the planet, while at the same time being a word that inherently conveys inclusivity and belongingness. We want others to feel like they are part of our family and our chocolate community.  We considered words like family, help, people, native, development, group, community, prosper and of course chocolate, and it wasn’t easy to find a name that incorporates all these meanings.

In the end, we landed on THRIVU (pronounced Tree-voo), which comes from the merging of three words, two meanings, two languages, one goal: Tribu in Spanish/Tribe in English and Thrive which means to prosper, to flourish. We wanted something profound, something that would encourage people to prosper, to dream, to have hope, to connect with each other, to connect with the planet and after several brainstorming sessions something beautiful came along. This name also holds sentimental meaning. Growing up moving around from city to city in Ecuador, a small but amazing country in South America (whose Amazon basin claims the honor of being the center of origin of cacao). As kids, my mom and dad used to call our family the tribu, referring to our family of five, “here comes the tribu” or they would ask “Who is coming?” to which often we would answer “Toda la tribu”…the whole tribe! Tribu?  It was that simple, what a fantastic name and coincidence that phonetically it expresses all these thoughts and feelings in one word. Now the tribu has grown, and still has the same goals, the same love for this land, this planet and each other. With that background, and the merging of these three words that give meaning and purpose to our project of life, THRIVU was born!!!!

And we want this THRIVU to grow and we invite you all to be part of our mission and join our movement!!

Welcome to our THRIVU!!!

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