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Cacao Hunters

Cacao Hunters, "Heirloom" Rio de Oro 73%

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DESCRIPTION; The sun warms the eastern plains of Colombia and casts a golden glow over the meandering Arauca River. It is the place where more than 600 species of birds sing and watch the anacondas, it is on this fertile lands that the cacao trees grow at a perfect rate. In these vast eastern plains, the Hunters discovered a unique cacao that grows in the rich soils of the rivers valleys and cultivated by expert and native hands.

TASTING NOTES: We taste honey initially developing into cashews and finishing with mandarin notes..

3 INGREDIENTS: Cacao mass,  sugar, cacao butter.


AG-PRACTICES: Sustainable preservation

SOCIAL IMPACT: Tribal empowerment

FOUNDER: Carlos Ignacio Velasco / Mayumi Ogata

ALLERGY INFORMATION: Peanut free, soy free, treenut free, gluten free, may contains traces of milk.

Meet the Founders

Around 2009, Carlos Ignacio Velasco, an ambassador of Colombian coffee in Asia, found the impetus he needed to develop an idea that he had been brewing since his university studies. In his travels through Japanese lands, he met Mayumi Ogata, a nutritionist fan of chocolate, but especially a fan of cacao, this passion led her to travel to more than 14 producing countries to discover its secrets. Without hesitation, Carlos Ignacio invited her to Colombia and there began a great story searching all over Colombia for the highest quality cacao...