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Cacaosuyo, Piura Milk 50%

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DESCRIPTION: Milk Chocolate of the highest quality, 50% cacao from Piura origin. In this region you can find "Piura White Cacao" which grows in the northern coastal region of Peru. This is one of the few places where this white seed cacao grows and this sophisticated combination with milk received gold in the international chocolate awards. 

TASTING NOTES: Initially, we taste butterscotch , developing into raisins and finishing with cherry notes from the PIURA cacao…

5 INGREDIENTS:  Organic Cacao mass, milk, organic sugar, cocoa butter and vanilla.

CACAO ORIGIN: Piura - Peru

AG-PRACTICES: Sustainable, Preservation

SOCIAL IMPACT: Direct Trade, Community empowerment

FOUNDER: Eduardo Lanfranco / Samir Giha

ALLERGY INFORMATION: Contains milk, may contain traces of nuts.

Meet the Founders

Cacaosuyo is a Peruvian brand, its founders Eduardo Lanfranco and Samir Giha decided first to study Peruvian cacao and later started making chocolate. They were the pioneers in entering the world of chocolate in Peru. The slogan of the brand "The best kept secret of the Incas" shows how close are to this culture, close to the great Empire of Tahuantinsuyo, demonstrating that this product is purely Peruvian and that Cacao existed in Peru for millions of years with the Inca ancestors.