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El Ceibo

HERITAGE - 75% Fine Dark Organic Chocolate 100% wild cacao beans

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DESCRIPTION: This is the FIRST BAR in the WORLD MADE FROM WILD  CACAO BEANS and JUST 25% of sugar. Our Heritage cocoa is nature's wild gift to the  Covendo region of Alto Beni - Bolivia. Heritage of nature and traditions, cocoa grows there naturally, not cultivated, simply harvest for generations. The cocoa trees, unaltered for centuries, are unique to region: large and far reaching, bearing small pods.

TASTING NOTES: We taste toffee and coffee initially developing into figs and finishing with marzipan (almond paste)...

4 INGREDIENTS: Organic cacao mass, sugar, cacao butter and lecithin,

CACAO ORIGIN: Covendo-Beni - Bolivia

AG-PRACTICES: Organic, Biodiverse

SOCIAL IMPACT: 1,200  farmers owned this brand

FOUNDER: Cooperativa el Ceibo

ALLERGY INFORMATION: contains soy lecithin, may contains traces of nuts, milk, gluten, peanuts and dry fruits

Meet the Founders

El Ceibo is a cooperative founded in 1977 in a town in the province of Caranavi – Bolivia, entirely owned by its 1200 family members all of them cacao farmers, they produce mainly organic and fair trade cacao. It has been exporting cacao beans and semi industrial cacao products for over 43 years, and producing chocolate since 1977. They currently have 1400 certified hectares of organic cacao. Is among the few brand of chocolate in the world 100% produced by the cacao farmers themselves, from tree to the consumer, “Our land, our trees, our chocolate” is their proud and independent boast.