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Mashpi CHocolate

Mashpi, 65% Cacao filled with Pulp

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DESCRIPTION: Cacao pulp is the exquisite white liquid that covers the cacao bean. To create this special chocolate, Mashpi collect this elixir and transform it into a delicious liquid heart of this amazing bar, revealing the total potential of the famous Ecuadorian cacao. The reactions  from this bar are always of surprise, but the descriptions we get about the flavor are as varied as the number of species that surround our cacao in our food forest. Some people describe the pulp as similar to balsamic vinegar, cherries, tart cherries, raspberries, honey, syrup, tart, sour, figs… the list goes on and on. The flavor is very unique!

TASTING NOTES: Initially, we taste jasmine , developing into caramel and finishing with tart cherry/balsamic vinegar from the pulp…

4 INGREDIENTS: Cacao mass, raw sugar cane, cacao butter, cacao pulp.

CACAO ORIGIN: Pacto - Ecuador

SUGAR ORIGIN: Panela de Pacto (unrefined sugar from Pacto)

AG-PRACTICES: Regenerative, Permaculture, Agroforestry

SOCIAL IMPACT: Community empowerment, Food sovereignty

FOUNDER: Agustina Arcos, Manuela Arcos  y Alejandro Solano.

ALLERGY INFORMATION:  Peanut free, soy free,  gluten free, may contains traces of milk.

Meet the Founders

Agustina and Alejandro are the origin of Mashpi 10 years ago. Agus is an Ecuadorian and Alejandro is from Costa Rica, they are cacao growers and farm to bar chocolate makers. In “Mashpi Shungo” their 56 hectares farm, (48 of which are within forest conservation) located in the Northwest of Pichincha – Ecuador, they make the most unique, different and great quality chocolate bars!!!! You can’t miss them….