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Mission Chocolate

Mission Chocolate, Dark Goat 56%

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Description: A milk chocolate with a high cacao content (58%) made with goat milk. A dark chocolate turned creamy. Creamy, intense cocoa flavor for those who want to enjoy the creaminess of non cow milk, this goat milk chocolate offers the intense aroma of dairy wan alternative milk chocolate, here  is our goats milk milk chocolate. Creamy and full of flavor. You can instantly taste a different level of creaminess and a seasoned goat milk drinker will immediately notice.

TASTING NOTES: Chocolate maker has decided not to bias your taste. Taste it and let your palate decide...

4 INGREDIENTS: Cacao, Organic Sugar, Cocoa butter, goat milk.

CACAO ORIGIN: State of Para, Brazil

AG-PRACTICES: Regenerative

SOCIAL IMPACT: Empowering Women and Cacao Producers

FOUNDER: Arcelia Gallardo

Allergy Information: Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Contains Lactose (goat milk) May Contains Nuts, peanuts, hazelnuts, cashew, oats and Brazilian nuts

Meet the Founders

Arcelia is the founder and master chocolate maker behind Mission Chocolate. Se has worked with chocolate for over 20 years as a chocolatier, chocolate maker, teacher and consultant. She travels across Latin America to work with cacao producers, chocolate makers and to teach indigenous women how to make chocolate.