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Mission Chocolate

Mission Chocolate, Umbu 70%

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DESCRIPTION: 70% Dark chocolate topped with candied umbu fruit - a soft fleshy fruit, green/yellow in color, and sweet and sour in taste. It is the size of a large grape, soft like a ripe fig, and juicy like a tomato. The umbu tree is the most important tree in the Caatinga Biome and is foraged by families that work with the Cooperativa Cooperuc to get turned into preserves. It is an important alternative in one of the poorest and driest regions of Brazil. Agriculture in this area is based on corn, beans, and mandioca and suffers from cyclical droughts. Umbu has been designated an endangered fruit by Slow Food Brazil - our continued use of the fruit supports the communities that preserve these trees.

TASTING NOTES: Initially, we taste brownie, developing into berries and finishing with fig/green mango notes...

4 INGREDIENTS:  Organic Cacao, Organic Sugar, Organic Umbu fruit, Cocoa butter.


AG-PRACTICES: Regenerative, Biodiverse, Preservation

SOCIAL IMPACT: Empowering Women and Cacao Producers

FOUNDER: Arcelia Gallardo

ALLERGY INFORMATION: Gluten free. Soy free. Dairy free. May contain nuts, peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, oats and Brazil nuts.

AWARDS: International Chocolate Awards Americas (2019) – Silver
International Chocolate Awards Americas (2019) – Special
Academy of Chocolate (2019) – Commended

Meet the Founders

Arcelia is the founder and master chocolate maker behind Mission Chocolate. Se has worked with chocolate for over 20 years as a chocolatier, chocolate maker, teacher and consultant. She travels across Latin America to work with cacao producers, chocolate makers and to teach indigenous women how to make chocolate.